Polycom Clariti

Polycom Clariti hybrid cloud

Polycom® RealPresence Clariti™ is powerful collaboration infrastructure software for businesses of all sizes that connects people with HD voice, content, video, and web collaboration. As a complete software solution, RealPresence Clariti delivers a comprehensive, industry-proven collaboration platform. Whether it’s deployed in the cloud or on site, organizations can count on an excellent combination of user experience and ease of management. In addition, Polycom’s hybrid cloud service provides seamless management of spikes in demand with additional capacity whenever needed.

Audio innovation to remember: Polycom Noise Block

This option is automatically enabled in new Profiles. When enabled, the RMX can detect AVC endpoints with a noisy audio channel and automatically mute them, reducing the noise heard by other conference participants. When the auto muted endpoint becomes the “speaker” the endpoint is automatically un-muted by the system. If the speaker halts his/her conversation and the line still emits noises, the endpoint will be automatically muted again.

Audio innovation to remember: Polycom Acoustic Fence

RealPresence Group Series systems now include an experimental technology that uses standard Polycom
microphone arrays that build a virtual fence around a user or multiple users. The audio is automatically muted
when all sounds originate outside a boundary. If a speaker is talking inside the fence, the volume is not altered,
but sounds outside the fence are lowered by 12 dB. Once the speaker leaves the fenced area, the audio is muted.
In addition to the primary Polycom microphone array, one or more fence microphone arrays are required. The

Audio innovation to remember: Polycom Acoustic Bubble

Polycom Audio innovation: the acoustic bubble delivers an innovative noise recognition algorithm suited for mobile users.

Polycom Eagle Eye Producer

Polycom is presenting the new Eagle Eye Producer. The new automatic director will provide a new unique videoconferencing experience, enhancing the automatic camera positioning (PTZ) recognizing the people in the room and switching between panoramic and close views. Another unique feature is the face recognition and people counting, giving a new videoconference reports info about on how many people were in the videoconference room

Microsoft rebrands Lync as 'Skype for Business'; readies 2015 releases

Microsoft is rebranding its Lync unified communication products as "Skype for Business."

The company announced the name change, as well as some target dates for the next versions of the offering on November 11.


A new journey. Lync 2013.

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Lync connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Lync users can connect to anyone on Skype, enabling rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world.


UC Architecture

Endpoints (phones, video devices, headsets etc)
Gateways (until the World is totally SIP, you'll need access to good old T1/E1 and analogue devices)
Session Border Controller (SBC) think of this as a "firewall" for voice and video, not having this leaves your organisation open to toll fraud etc
Performance Monitoring - this means tracking and analysis of the IP traffic, quickly highlight problem areas, not doing so will result in poor quality voice and video
Management - billing and accounting packages that help control your costs

Polycom Immersive Studio

You need to make better decisions more quickly, no matter where your global teams are located. Conference room and mobile video are great for everyday meetings, but the most important business discussions need to be as life-like and interactive as possible.
Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio provides a specially designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio, and collaboration experience that is so real, you forget about the technology and focus only on the objective and content of your meeting.

Le Unified Communications in breve

In questa infographic creata da IDC è possibile capire in modo rapido e sintetico cosa si intende per Unified Communication and Collaboration.
Quali sono le componenti delle UCC secondo IDC?

Telefonia avanzata e Call Management
Unified Messaging
Instant Messaging
Web, audio e video conferencing
Unified Presence
Applicazioni e processi communication enabled
Software e servizi di collaborazione

How Shoretel had met Williams F1 racing team

For many companies, the ability to cater for a remote workforce has become utterly imperative. Williams has a more pronounced need for secure, seamless mobile working than most companies. With around 70 of its employees travelling ten months of the year to different, exotic locations, Williams knew that in order to ensure the utmost efficiency of its workforce it would have to turn to a unified communication system.


Why WebRTC is not the disruptive technology we needed so far?

An interesting post by Dave Michels on noJitter.

WebRTC is an important development. However, it must be understood that WebRTC is not ubiquitous, plugin-free, or free. Since codecs and applications have enabled real-time, browser-based applications for years, WebRTC is just another approach. WebRTC has not delivered any features or capabilities that are inherently new.


Brunswick Selects ShoreTel for Global UC Solution for 8,000 workers

Big news! Today we’re proud to announce that Brunswick Corporation has chosen ShoreTel to displace legacy Avaya/Nortel systems at more than 200 sites around the globe with more than 8,000 users. About one-third of the sites are live now with more deploying each month, and when complete, Brunswick will be one of ShoreTel’s largest customers.

Williams F1® uses UC & Mobility to extend office trackside at Grand Prix

VoIP an easy guide to understand

VoIP, the Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way to use the Internet to make phone calls. It’s been around since the mid-1990s. Since then the number of businesses using it has steadily increased, and so has the variety of ways they’re using it. In this guide we’re going to compare VoIP to traditional office phone systems to better understand what it is, how it works, and why so many businesses are making the switch. And we’ll start with a simple comparison to music.

Williams F1® uses Mobility for mobile & homeworking in its Advanced Engineering business

Can unified communications and collaboration, or any component of this type of solution, advance project management? If so, how?

Project management is about managing resources and time to accomplish effective and efficient results. Unified communications connects people to people. IM, video, desktop sharing, voice and conferencing are empowering tools. When you include mobility with UC&C, you have a reach that is not just empowering, but very useful.

Text message getting important in Unified Communications

Shoretel Mobility Chat and Presence

With more mobile devices than ever before, it was only a matter of time before texting gained importance in unified communications.

Hawaii's County of Maui Selects ShoreTel for 65 Sites, Bringing Improved Business Productivity and Reliability

County to save 20 percent annually on telecommunications costs
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ShoreTel® (NASDAQ: SHOR), the leading provider of brilliantly simple phone systems and unified communications solutions, today announced the County of Maui, Hawaii, has selected ShoreTel for its ongoing UC needs. Once the implementation is complete, ShoreTel technology will serve 1,600 employees across 65 sites resulting in an estimated telecommunications cost savings of 20 percent per year*, according to the County of Maui.

snom 715: il nuovo telefono IP per reti gigabit

Con il telefono IP snom 715 lo specialista berlinese del VoIP presenta in anteprima al CeBIT un nuovo terminale “entry level” con connettività estesa. Il nuovo telefono completa la linea di endpoint SIP snom 7xx e si fregia di un eccellente rapporto prezzo/prestazioni.

Shoretel diventa partner di Williams F1

Shoretel and Williams

Shoretel, la piattaforma scelta da ATS perché è l’unica soluzione “Brillantemente Semplice” per rappresentare la propria offerta Unified Communication sul mercato italiano, ha annunciato lo scorso 28 Giugno una partnership tecnica con la Williams F1® Team per fornire una piattaforma di Unified Communication e Collaboration all’interno della scuderia.

Vidyo selezionata dal CERN per connettere 20.000 scienziati

Vidyo è stata selezionata dal CERN per connettere 20.000 scienziati per la collaborazione massiva sugli esperimenti LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Gli scienziati appartenenti a 600 diversi istituti di ricerca potranno video collaborare utilizzando la tecnologia Vidyo scelta per la sua capacità e scalabilità.

Le dimensioni della comunicazione

Capire i vantaggi della videocollaborazione è il primo passo per identificare il ritorno di investimento. Molte volte si cade nella trappola del falso livello di adozione dello strumento di collaborazione derivante dall'adozione di tecnologie di bassa qualità. Identificare i requisiti della comunicazione è il primo passo per scegliere la tecnologia giusta.

Quali sono i problemi del mercato videoconferenza?

In questo articolo, ispirato al post d Andrew W. Davis su noJitter riassumo le principali problematiche del mercato e quali a mio avviso possono essere le cure.
È evidente che c'è stato un calo di fatturato dei principali vendor di sistemi di videoconferenza dovuti sicuramente ad un aumento della concorrenza non giustificato da un aumento di mercato. Di fatto le aziende non hanno ben compreso in quale direzione muoversi per dotarsi di videocomunicazione, se scegliere un approccio basato sulle sale riunioni, sulle postazioni personali o su quelle mobili.

Realpresence CloudAxis ottiene il VMWare Ready Status

Il Polycom Realpresence CloudAxis ottiene la certificazione VMWare Ready. Questa certificazione assicura che il Realpresence CloudAxis ha superato i test di collaudo per essere messo in campo in ambienti di produzione VMWare.

How to create a reverse geocode API

In maps based application sometimes we need to reverse geocode a point on latitude and longitude, getting the real address. In this short guide I'll explain how to create a reverse geocode API on a Drupal server, and how to use it in a content block, leveraging an AJAX call and the geolocation HTML5 API.

Let's use a new module to create the API. Create the mymodule.info.

Convergenza Fisso Mobile Shoretel Dock

Shoretel Dock

Lo Shoretel dock estende le funzionalità di Unified Communication dello Shoretel Mobility (incluse telefonia, presenza basata sulla location e istant messaging) dal dispositivo mobile al telefono da scrivania.trasformando l'iPAD e l'iPhone nel primo strumento di reale convergenza fisso mobile. Lo Shoretel dock riesce ad unire la comodità di un telefono da scrivania con la portabilità del proprio dispositivo mobile. E' stato progettato per sfruttare al meglio l'iPAD e l'iPhone sia con collegamento diretto tramite connettore Apple a 30 pin sia tramite bluetooth.

Video collaborazione senza barriere

La suite Polycom Realpresence Cloud AXIS è l'unica del suo genere a permettere l'estensione della videoconferenza verso qualsiasi persona semplicemente dotata di un PC, una webcam ed un browser. Sfruttando la propria rubrica personale, Skype, Facebook, Google permette di contattare ed invitare in videoconferenza persone presenti anche su reti diverse. La tecnologia alla base di Polycom Cloud AXIS è la Realpresence Platform, la piattaforma di erogazione del servizio di videoconferenza basato su standard e completamente interoperabile.

ShoreTel 14 Diagnostica e Monitoring

Con la release 14 del software, Shoretel compie un passo avanti significativo nell'analisi della qualitá del servizio Unified Communication. L'interfaccia web di diagnostica e monitoring permette di accedere ad un cruscotto di immediato utilizzo per tenere sotto controllo lo stato di tutti i servizi Shoretel, degli accessi ai trunk (sia SIP che ISDN), dell'HW in campo e della qualitá della voce.

Unified Communication e Collaboration soluzioni cloud ibride


Il mondo del business oggi si muove ad una tale velocitá che é necessario prendere decisioni in tempi brevissimi. Il team necessitá di essere sempre collegato e raggiungibile, ovunque si trovi e con qualsiasi media (voce, video, dati, chat).


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